Medlem nr 49
SM6WXI, Thomas Sjönnebring

QTH Vegby

2 comments on “SM6WXI

  • Atsushi Ohtsubo says:

    Thank you for QSO!!
    This is JM8KQE.
    I found your Homepage.
    You reg is very FB.
    I have only one reg ” Icom ID51″.
    Becouse I’ve stared HAM about 1 year ago.
    But I want to talk with all over the world by D-star.
    I’m looking forward to call you next time.

    JM8KQE (Atsushi Ohtsubo)
    from Sappro Hokkaido Japan.

    • Thomas Sjönnebring says:

      Hello my friend. sorry for my late answer!. Now i am on internet again!. Thanks for nice qso!. hope we can have a qso soon again my friend. All the best to you and your family Atsushi from Sappro Hokkaido Japan. 73′ All the best love from Thomas here in Sweden.


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